Station House

This innovative development targets first-time urban buyers and is the first major ground-up construction in the area since 2008. It is made up of 171, 2-3 bedroom townhomes + commercial spaces. The site design not only extends the city grid and anticipates the future renovation of the train station into a community event center and public plaza, but also creates smaller micro-neighborhoods within the development reflecting the existing eclectic neighborhood of homes, the train station, small businesses, SRO’s, affordable housing development and townhomes. The plan incorporates 3 gardens and a park that borders the train station. Small commercial spaces on the ground floor are perfect for a community café. The building designs reflect the micro-neighborhoods by varying the massing, materials, and colors. Buildings and unit designs respond to the site context by providing multiple unit types and orientations. The open versatile urban floor plans have ample light entering from either end, allowing spacious and flexible kitchens, dining, and living areas.