West Domodedovo is targeted towards a rang of mid-level homebuyers, and offers up-scale housing for well-established families, single-family homes on smaller lots for young families, and attached housing for working professionals. Parks, open space areas with trails, schools and supporting commercial uses have been carefully configured to provide basic services within convenient walking distance, which will help to minimize external automobile trips. The project covers 481 acres and the land plan proposes 1,919 dwelling units and a mix of seven different housing types ranging from estate homes on 17,222 sq.ft. lots to stacked flat condominiums within a Town Center area. Approximately 27% of the Plan Area is committed to open space, parks, pedestrian parkways, paseos, and expanded landscape corridors and medians along main streets. The build-out population is projected to be approximately 4,800 people. HHJA created architectural characters and design guidelines for the Domodedovo community.