South City

South City Station, located at 1256 Mission Road, is a 1.7-acer site primarily in the South San Francisco Village. With 35 for-sale homes on the site, including 31 townhomes and 4 single family detached homes. The site is located less the 1/4 mile away from the BART station. The portion of the site closest to BART will consist of 3-story attached townhome-styles condominiums housed in 6 buildings. The architecture is a contemporary expression of an urban townhome, providing a rhythm and repetition expressed through clean and simple massing and material changes. The northern 0.4 acres of the site houses the lower density homes that fix into the existing single family neighborhood. The architecture of these homes are designed in a more traditional, yet continue the theme of clean and simple lines to form cohesive development while still integrating into the existing neighborhoods.